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August 21, 2011


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The Springfield of Cherry Blossoms

Haruno Sakura

Country: Fire Country; Hidden Leaf Village
Age: 16 Height: 150.1 CM Weight: 35.9 KG
Birthday: March 28th
Bloodtype: O
Sakura's favorite foods: are syrup-coated anko dumplings, umeboshi, and anmitsu, but she hates any kind of spicy foods.
The person she wishes to fight the most: Ino in a rematch.
Her hobbies: are playing trivia games and memorizing new material for her medical studies.
favorite word: is Courage.
First Seen: Chapter 003; Anime Episode 001

Why we love Haruno SaKURA
why i love sakura , she is one of the most strongest kunochis in her genoration. she was trained by tsunadeE, the Slug queen. jiraiya and kakashi even stated that she will surpass tsunada one day. the girl defeted Sasori who was a kaga leve shinobi. yes she had chiyo help but she manage to memorize his movments, and started to doage everything on her own. sakura is also a very kind person. she always blames herself. she wants her teammates pain to end.and what she doing is sacrificing every for her team.
You know, the poor girl is one of the most frequently abused characters in the entire series. But why?

Because she was weak in part 1? It wasn't her fault really, what do we really know of her history? Considering she's the lead female, we don't know much about her past. Only that she mentioned a family when Sasuke was leaving in Part 1, they could be dead now. For all we know, she came from a civilian clan, in that case she would have no family to train her. That seems more likely, seeing as how her family's never mentioned.

In that case, all she had was her academy training; which she excelled at, and her time on Team 7. For one thing, Kakashi wasn't exactly the world's greatest sensei. He took over Sasuke's training and left Naruto with Ebisu, it was by chance that he ended up with Jiraiya. Talk about favouritism. The only thing we saw him train them all at was tree climbing, which she *gasps* excelled at.

Yes, she was annoying, very annoying. But who wasn't in Part I? Look at Naruto.

Come Part II though, she pulls a 180 and people still call her useless. Yeah, the girl who played a pivotal role in defeating Sasori while still earning the puppet master's respect (something he didn't even have for his partner, who is a fellow artist) is useless. Yeah, no.

Moreover, if not for said puppet master's respect, there would never have been a Sasuke reunion arc in the first place.

And people even have the gall to call her flat-chested. That shouldn't matter, and besides, ever heard of late bloomers? She has been for everything else. What's also interesting is that it depends on the angle Kishimoto draws her in. Sometimes he seems quite generous in those proportions.

On to her current situation, people say she's a b!tch for using Naruto's feelings against him. You see, I don't get that. It's been confirmed that she's not just hunting Sasuke down to save him, it is also her way of lessening Naruto's burden. She's doing it for both of them. She's trying her hardest to not sit on the sidelines this time and it's still not enough for these haters. I'll admit that she might not be going about this the right way, but is there a perfect way of telling your best friend that his other best friend needs to be disposed of?

Fans also must consider that a shounen manga will always place its male characters at the forefront and girls will still remain the damsels. I mean think back to the encounter they had with the cloud nin, one of which easily knocked her away even though she's very strong now. Then Naruto catches her, that was so typically shounen I almost laughed.


Sakura is a very strong willed, and powerful Kunoichi. She may not be the best but she works hard and does outstanding for a girl with no bloodline, or any special attachment that helps her do better, or obtain jutsu. She had to work very hard to get where she was today.
People call her useless but she is anything but now. In part one, yes no doubt she was. But she has matured not only mentally but physically and is a great assest to a team. She can break genjutsus and sense them easily. She can heal members with great ease, extract poision, create antidotes, fight, dodge well, good taijutsu mastery and chakra control. She's what alot of Kunoichi that are Genin and maybe Chuunins and maybe some Jonin probably look up to.
It is even said Tenten wants to fight Sakura and test her skill.
Sakura's had one of the most normal childhoods but now shes dealing with this stuff well, and she coops with it well. She can help situations and she knows whats right for her village and puts her village and people above most.
They say her crying is a sign of weakness but crying shows strength. Being afraid to cry and show emotion is weak, but Sakura is not afraid to let it out. She speaks her mind and is not afraid to speak up.
That is a true kunoichi and I support her character for these reasons

Okay, for some time I've been hearing this: "So are you just going to stand there with a kunai for 180 episdoes?!"

I'm going to break this down point by point and prove it wrong. That statement alot of people would agree with, haters or fans. Okay, so enter the Forest of Death!

Part One Sakura: More useful than you think.

Who awaits them is Orochimaru, who wants Sasuke's body because of the infamous Sharingan. Naruto is beating the snake a little, but gets grabbed by the tounge. Orochimaru then seals away the his Kyuubi powers with Gogyo Fuuin.

Naruto is then unconscious...

He starts falling, and that's a very long way down. Sakura takes a kunai and throws it, gluing him to a tree. In other words. She saved Naruto's life. The only person who could of thrown it perfectly would be Sasuke, TenTen or the Hyuuga clan with their Byakugan.

Also, she kept the sound ninja occupied. Unreliable basic-jutsu no-talent Sakura, fools Zaku as she shoves a kunai deep into his arm, while biting the other with her teeth. That's impressive, considering that Zaku was trained by Orochimaru. Don'tcha think?

And when she did this, Sakura saved Naruto, Sasuke, and Rock Lee's lives, all at once!

Next is the Sasuke vs Gaara. She's standing there with a kunai, yes. But as Gaara leaped towards The Uchiha, she sheilds him with her body with a kunai in her hands, she takes the hit for Sasuke as she's glued to a tree. Le gasp! She saved Sasuke's life once again.

Unreliable basic-jutsu no-talent Sakura? Yeah right.
another thing i got lately is sakura want naruto to hate becasue she DOSENT CARE. WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE NOT CARE.

sakura and naruto went though hell and back in part 2 sakura learn about container and when entracted they DIE. did u see her face she was very worried and crying. sakura was a friends in that ark but it hurted her to know naruto might DIE. in the KN4 chapters sakura held her heart, and rain in tears to naruto begging him to stop. and saying she will save sasuke FOR YOU. she has done more for naruto then she believe but still fells useless, she stated i can only do the dubmst of thing for naruto. she even wanted to learn yamatos impposible jitsu. after that arc i have been seeing dramticle behavior change with her torawds naruto dramaticla.

she has became more and more worried for naruto, i dont think she even thought that much of sasuke even when stated that sasuke killed Oorocimaru. some tears but not really. the pain arc shows alot of sakura under pressuse untill she screamed NARUTO PLEASE COME BACK that shows trust she trust naruto with her whole life something she never did with sasuke. at the of the hug sakura held naruto like their was nobody else she didnt care that it was in front of everyone(shows alot about her character development)

then sakura the karui incedent u wanna no she never said I I I she said That MEans when she heard about sasuke joining akatsuki, i think she was really thinking about naruto in that scecen where arugue by haters she still loves sasuke(not trying to put down sasusaku i swear) the That means part she must be thinking about him hunting naruto, or why sasuke joined and would hurt naruto.

in the descision we learn sakura is ver selfless she would do anyhting once learning of naruto pain she broke down crying i never saw her cry this becasue of someones pain(yes she cried with sasuke but she thought during the wave ark) but ths was emotinal pain. shes has grown close to naruto more closer to naruto more then sasuke, their bond is as deep and the naruto sasuke bond, because she feels his pain(thats why she feels guilty of hurting naruto)becaus ehse feels the boy pain and it was killing her. those started her to blame herdelf for naruto pain and swears to never cause the boy pain. now heres the part that makes haters go in a freny(the baka is in love with me so ill speak) she was saying idiot i know and held an emotinal look but look beyond it when she vow to never hurt naruto, she held an eye that said in expersion that why does he love me(not in a digusted torwds him bu HERSELF. remember sakura is a person that blames herself for everything including why the hell does this great man love me if i only cause him pain. SHE WAS THINKING IN THAT LINE OF WHY WOULD NARUTO LOVE THAT WHY SHE SAID IDIOT.

before she went to naruto, while they walking out of konoha sakura had an deep look while walking(i bet so much that she was still thinking about why naruto loves her)

now the confession i think it was genius, people start to state she lies because of the eyes. she was thinking she of naruto(even sai stated i) all she was thinking was naruto. the hug again after one hug before with naruto which showed antother character development so does this hug, it was not a hug oof saving ir a hug for the ehckk it was a free will hug that saukra showed in her expersions she liked it allwoing her self to reast her head on naruto sholder. this shows a sighn that she would love to stay in his arms forever.

now her sacrifice she is putting so much on the line, she confessed because she might never have a chance with him because of what she is doing as th I sorry naruto statement said she was going against naruto will to save the idiot(i love naruto but he can be an idiot) she will hold th bruden for his hatred.

now back my WHY WOULC SHE NOT CARE IF HE WOULD HATE, the truth is it will kill the poor girl, not having warm arms and spirt near her, not having someone she can be herself around and never judge her not being FREE to just be who she is HARUNO SAKURA. that sacrifice for naruto hating is more then killing sasuke oout of love

the at shows that sakura devopled DRAMATLICLY and is not that selfish fan girl she was in PART ONE

Here are some common reasons that I've found why people hate Sakura.. to death.

#1. Her fangirl obsession with Sasuke.

Okay, we all know her obsession was ridiculous, heck a lot of girls were nuts over him, and it was just... silly, yeah. What should be said about Sakura is that she outgrew this obsession before most in the manga (even before Ino, who was more mature than her). If you actually take a moment to consider her (I know it's impossible for some, but try) she booted the "fangirl" part in the Forest of Death when she cut her hair. This symbolized her obsession with him; to actually change apart of herself due to a rumour, and she put a stop to it.

Afterwards, the crush remained, but the obsession sobered a bit. She still went out of her way to have contact with him, but it gradually diminished over the next few sections until his departure. She was 13, members, cut her a little slack she was far from perfect.

This was largely a Part I phenomenon. Things changed came Part II, her feelings grew to become genuine. Yes, we can debate this next point until our fingers ache, but without confirmation of why she's going after Sasuke it's possible (possible) that she may not even be in love with him. We must consider all angles.

Fans, you need to get over this. Plain and simple. That childish crush vanished long ago.

#2. Her abuse towards Naruto/abuse in general.

Yes, it's a bit much at times. However, there are times when he flatout deserved it, and there were times that she overeacted. Sakura is anything but meek (strongly used for the second part) if something p!sses her off, she's going to kick ss and not take any names.

Moreover, the whole "main girl hits main boy" phenomenon has been around longer than Naruto's first drafts. We've seen it with Inuyasha/Kagome, Ichigo/Rukia, Ed/Winry, etc. etc. the list goes on and on. Fans shouldn't be too surprised with this, it's a very popular portrayal in shounen mangas. To bludgeon Sakura or any of these girls because of that is just... well, you don't like main girls, really. It's just a type of control, really, especially when he goes over the top.

Sakura tends to just react, sometimes it's warranted sometimes it's not. For example, I'd say it's warranted with Konohamaru's kage bunshin of Sai and Sasuke (we know she's a closet yaoi fan lol). Yeah... that was pretty bad, he should have had his skull thumped for that. At the same time though, sometimes she just reacts and as spunky as she is it shouldn't be too surprising.

#3. *sigh* Her controversial confession to Naruto.

I won't say too much, there's too much speculation at this point from us fans and the characters themselves. I'm not here to start a pairing debate for this is NOT (I repeat NOT) a debate forum. At this point, we DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE'S THINKING OR WHAT HER INTENTION IS UNTIL IT COMES FROM HER MOUTH so stop acting like brats and pretending that you know the confession was all a big fat lie and she's a manipulative, conniving b!tch because we Don't. Know.

Speculation right now, people, not solid fact. Let's seriously wait for her POV, what are we turning into? Sasori? Let's wait and call her a liar later if she is indeed one.

#4. Her looks.

I browse the forums, so I've seen the worst. The one that sticks out right now is Pepto Bismal B!tch. I know we live in the 21st century and looks are ALL that matters in this world right now (hence some of the talentless crap in Hollywood) but please don't judge her purely because you find her ugly. That is tasteless and immature. Let's not stoop so low, members.

I'll admit it myself, I don't like pink, and yet I find it easy to overlook. However, it suits Sakura, that's her namesake: cherry blossom, it would be false advertising if she didn't live up to it, even if her hair is more the colour of coral. You don't have to like it, but let's not judge her I mean, come on.

#5. Her personality.

Early Part 1 - disgraceful/immature/childish/petty/superficial... etc.

Of course, I have a different take, but I don't give a damn about that and neither do you. Moving on.

Later Part 1 - Better, but still a bit childish and immature to be fair to everyone, even after she cuts her hair.

Part 2 - I find that people tend to overlook her changes in Part II, they are just so fixated on their Part I perspective of her (much like Naruto and Kakashi). However, she has a drive to become stronger for herself in this part. The codebook marks one of her favourite hobbies as learning new jutsus in the library. Yes, she's a bookworm, but her newfound determination and strength are all traits that should be admired. Especially when she had none to begin with. She picked herself up from dirt and cleaned herself up while giving herself a cleansing and exfoliation of her earlier behaviour.

It should also be noted that her favourite word is courage. Something she also posseses a lot of in the second part.

#6. She's useless.

*sighs* well, considering she came from a civilian clan, it shouldn't be too surprising in Part I. She has no Kekkei Genkai and no parents who can help her train. All she had was the academy (which she achieved top marks in) and Kakashi. He was great, but all we saw him teach them was tree-climbing (which she aced before her other teammates). Then she had no one to help train her after she tied in the chuunin exams because Kakashi favoured Sasuke's training. By chance, Naruto stumbled upon Jiraiya.

Part II - I don't think inhuman strength, medical jutsu, killer analytical skills that can predict the moves of an s-class criminal and elite Akatsuki member, and high intelligence counts as useless.

Granted, it's been a long time since she's had a huge battle, but what did you expect? This is a shounen manga and all female characters take the backseat or act as supporting roles while the male characters get most of the screentime. This even includes the heroine, as sad as that seems.

#7. "CHA!"

-_- ... Personally, I don't have a problem with it. However, let's look at things this way: "CHA!" or alternatively "Shannaro!" are all parts of Inner Sakura. Although Sakura does say them in the second part in lieu of her "inner." I've heard that fans think it's like a knife in their ears, but let's also remember that this is still just a word. Besides, it's not like she screams it like a mantra or in every chapter, it happens once in awhile.

The point is, fans that are her haters, lovers, and neutrals is that she's one of the most developed characters in the whole damn manga, and yet too many fans refuse to acknowledge it. If you can't see at least some of these points, you are either blind or don't read the manga. She is not Part I Sakura, so all of these traits you labelled her with should be revaluated. I'm not saying you need to love her but you should reconsider her.

She's not perfect, but those annoying imperfections are what's supposed to make her endearing. In theory of course, I doubt this has done anything to convince anyone.

She's imperfect, she's just weird, but I love her anyway.

Now, here's something for the Sakura lovers who are perturbed by some parts.

"We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly." - Sam Keen.


"Cha!" -Catchphrase

"Didnt you know? Women have to be strong in order to survive!" -to Ino

"I will get stronger as long as I continue to try!" -Promise to herself

"Ive always considered myself to be a true ninja....but those were just empty words because Sasuke and Naruto were always in the lead! But now it's my turn to take the lead and all of you can watch me from the the background!" -About Naruto and Sasuke

"I love you with all my hear!...If you were to stay here with me, there would be no regrets....because ever day we'd do something fun we'd be happy I swear!....I would do anything for you! So...please just stay with me!" -Confession to Sasuke

"This time. Im going to save them both!" -About Naruto and Sasuke

"Naruto! This...thats enough! I'll save Sasuke for you!" -To Naruto

"Same as always....I can only do the dumbest things for Naruto" -To Yamato.

"Dont worry, shell wake up soon! She the strongest woman in the world...shes the hokage!" -To Naruto about Tsunade

"I'm the one who made Naruto suffer the most....I've just been getting it wrong...just been screwing it up....I dont want to get it wrong anymore....dont want to screw it up anymore" -About Naruto

"I...I dont want you to go after Sasuke if it means puttin youreself in danger like that!" -To Naruto

"N-Naruto....I SAID I LOVE YOU!You may have been a prankster and a dropout once, but you've spent ever single day since then becoming a more wonderful and admirable person. And I've witnessed everyone moment of it. But, Sasuke-kun just kept commiting sin after sin, breaking my hear with every step, becoming a different person, one far removed from me. But, Naruto, You, I have right here, close enough to touch, you bring me peace, from the bottom of my heart...I..." -Confession to Naruto
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According to the third Naruto databook Sakura's favorite foods are: Shiratama anmitsu and pickled plums.
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1: fangirls hate sakura because she loved saduke, and god forbid anyone but the fangirl see the "true beauty of the troubled raven" /gag

2: don't like abuse? are you fucking kidding me? xD all real women abuse. it's what we do. sometimes it's flirting

3: i got nothin'

4: she's hot, get over it. "homg guys! a japanese anime girl has pink hair! ewww" yeah, you just outlined half the anime ever made.

5: her early personality. ...have you ever hung around 12 year old girls? all of them suck. all. of. them. even the ones that think they're different and mature. five minutes of their bullshit and you're thinking of commiting a murder/suicide.

6: useless? personally i don't care if her only job in the series is to stand off to the side and look pretty so i don't have much to say on that.

7: "CHA!" ...i only wish she'd add "bitches" to the end of that. "CHA BITCHES!"

and that sums up what i think.
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